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CLC 2021 Reunion “Back Together Again”
Orlando, Florida
November 10–13, 2021

By Lynn Gardner and Richard Sills


Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing - Ocala, FL

Don was a gracious host who spent time explaining some of the exhibits.
CLC President Glenn Brown presented him with a thank you certificate for hosting the Club.

The A-7 jet is from the closed Air Force Base in Tampa.
It is the first A-7 to make a tail hook landing on an carrier.
Also, the first jet Don raced in his many promotions for the US Navy was an A-7. 

There is an antique car museum next to the Museum of Drag Racing also owned by Don Garlits. 
The cars that were at the best display locations were a 1932 Cadillac Convertible Coupe
and a 1940 Packard Club Coupe.

National Parts Depot Car Collection - Ocala, FL

It is quite a collection of a lot of low-mileage cars.
Their business is selling reproduction parts for Mustangs, Trans Ams and other classics,
so the collection is focused on low-mileage original cars to help compare repo parts to original ones.


American Muscle Car Museum - Melbourne, FL

Mark Pieloch, the owner of the Museum, is interested in low-mileage original cars, and boy does he have some. 
There are almost 400 perfect collector cars frozen in time just like they left the factory.
CLC President Glenn Brown also presented him with a thank you certificate for hosting the Club.

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