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Director's Message

We begin another month in so called “lock down” for many of us. With that being said, there is not much to report on activities opening up this month.  If you see activities on the Events Listing that are not shown as “cancelled” or “rescheduled,” please contact the show’s sponsor or contact person before making your plans.

Our next meeting scheduled for Monday, May 18th has been canceled.  In its place this month will be a “virtual meeting” for the Region officers.  We are all working diligently and discussing the future of our club for the rest of 2020. Hopefully we can schedule a fall dealership show; that’s in discussion as I write this. Though we have no control over the states’ decisions to open up, we’re waiting just as our fellow CLC regions are. I love the idea of the few “virtual car shows” that I’ve seen on social media and I participated in the one the Valley Forge Region hosted. There were a lot of wonderful automobiles on “virtual” display!

My wife JoJo & I want to thank everybody for the wonderful cards, letters and gifts that have been sent to me as I’m recovering from my fall. Your words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers have been heard and have lifted my spirits. I still have a way to go. Surgery on my left foot is finished.

By the time this newsletter is published, I’ll have had the 2nd surgery on my right foot (worst of the two). The doctors are hoping that I’ll be on my feet by the end of summer, so in the meantime I’m confined to a wheelchair.  I asked for the Eldorado model but got the Coupe deButt model instead. I’m looking forward to the day I can reach out and personally thank each of you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  We are all members of this great club that cares about each other and it shows.  I hope all is well and stay safe during this pandemic.  We’ll get through this together!

Dan Ruby

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