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Director's Message

As the busy month of October ends, many of us will be putting our cars away for the upcoming winter months.  Hopefully Region members were able to enjoy some of the fall events with their cars.  I attended Fall Carlisle, where the weather wasn’t so great, and then Fall Hershey with Vince Taliano, where we mingled with other club members and checked out the flea market and car corral on Wednesday, thanks to the use of my golf cart.  We saw quite a few Cadillacs for sale, just waiting to change hands. There was a great selection this year.

One of the highlights of the day occurred before 7:30 am when we ran across CLC member Gup Gascoigne sitting in his 1953 Fleetwood for sale in the Red Field.  Vince recognized him, so we stopped to say hello.  Come to find out he was locked out of his Sprinter truck where he was staying.  Well, I carry a set of “slim jims” in my vehicle and after a few nearby vendors said they wouldn’t work on these new vehicles, “Pop!” I got it open for him. He couldn’t have been more grateful. We visited the CLC tent in the afternoon, where we met other members, as well.  Great job, Rob Robison, CLC Tent Coordinator!

The Rockville Show had great weather, resulting in one of their largest shows to date.  Three members’ cars were in the featured section, and a nice display of cars was on Cadillac Row.  I was unable to attend the National Driving Tour (NDT) in Gettysburg due to having tickets to the World Series, but I’d like to thank our members who attended and volunteered at the NDT event!

Our newsletter and website vehicle ads have led to many sales this year, including several in the last couple of months.  Former member Joe Pipkin sold his vehicle recently and donated $250 to our club as a thank you (we thank you, Joe)!  

Our next meeting will be in Rockville.  Hope to see you there.  The Club officers and I wish all of you a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving! 

Dan Ruby

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